Friday, September 14, 2012


sometimes life drops pure serendipity in your lap-  an unexpected beach getaway is impending, and I couldn't be more excited or relieved. this has been one of those weeks that makes you feel like a wilted flower, a cocktail left out too long in the glaring sun- melted and sad. just a whole lot of bullets flying. but what a perfect antidote - for me the sea cures everything. there is a quote I love- "the sea filled her with longing, but for what, she did not know"- no idea who said it, but it captures a bit of the mystical allure the sea has always had for me. I feel more myself there, like I do in Nola, or around ancient oaks. more perfectly alive. it's a good place to take all of the residue of this stress and tension and just watch it float away. let the endless expanse of blue green take it. walk the sand for hours, commune with the sun, eat lots of seafood and have icy white wine on the balcony with a stack of books and coconut oil to slather all over myself. my blue heaven.
renewal is vital, and I've been thinking of ways to incorporate it into everyday life. too often the ruts get ridiculously deep and the learned and imagined stress (I hate that word, it's so nonsensical and pervasive) invades daily life in ways that are draining and exhausting. I don't think Liz Taylor's advice can be overstated- have a drink, put on lipstick, and pull yourself together! A trip to the candy store (makeup counter) is overdue- why put off simple pleasures that can counterbalance some of the obligations that wear us out? pleasure is a forgotten art, but it doesn't take re-reading geisha memoirs or taking s-factor dance classes to realize that it's essential. especially to be a feel good woman-it's just not something we can afford to push to the left anymore. I was jamming out to Beyonce's new (ish) cd the other morning and so many lyrics were about feeling good, dancing, partying, looking right, getting dressed up, rocking out. it's funny how we forget to nourish the mojo. the essential soulful essence that we give out but forget to stoke. so some shopping and dancing is in order, too- just remembering that life is a dream, a dance, and underneath all of the struggle and noise, we're really just here to enjoy it. the full moon tomorrow should help with that vibe- I can't imagine how gorgeous it will be suspended over the sea. as many times as it takes to be washed clean, you can submerge yourself as much as necessary in the moonlit waves and be reborn into the life you've always dreamed of. and why not? why shouldn't it all be exactly what you desire? why settle for any other version of the film? I want a Fellini- vintage, blurry fast shots, la dolce vita, skipping through fountains and sipping wine with dangerous beautiful lovers and in beautiful Italian clothes- on the days I'm not hanging out in the garden with yoga pants and old t shirts. there are so many flavors in my dreams, so many different things still to experience. that's what the coast reminds me of- endless waves of possibilities, infinite horizons, and the thrill of plunging into the untamed wild.